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Symposia should consist of a series of 3-4 talks on an overarching topic. The total duration of each symposium should not exceed 90 minutes. The duration of each talk should be approximately 25 minutes in total and include 5 minutes time for discussion. The symposia may also be organized by a series of talks followed by a last slot for an open discussion. For proposing a symposium please submit a 450 words proposal stating how the individual talks are related and clarifying the benefit of a joint representation. Before submitting a symposium, chairs are requested to collect abstracts of all the individual contributions of their symposium and to attach them to the general symposium proposal. Each individual abstract should consist of no more than 250 words.

Please note that when submitting a symposium, for each talk title, names of the authors, their affiliations, and abstract of the talk have to be submitted as well. Acceptance of a symposium entails acceptance of all talks of this symposium.


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