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Thursday, February 26th

Department of Art History, SR1

09.00           Registration desk open
Conference Opening
09.30-10.00   Welcome, Laura Commare, Hanna Brinkmann, Johanna Aufreiter



Finding a balance between art historical relevance and testability in the experimental study of historical ideas, Jane Boddy (University of Vienna) 

10.40-11.00        Coffee break
  Session I: Neuroarthistory
11.00-11.40   Neuroscience and the Imagination, Matthew MacKisack (University of Exeter)



Beyond Stasis and Beauty in Neuroeasthetics: Installation Art and Experimental Neuroaesthetics, Lauren Weingarden (Florida State University, Tallahassee)

12.20-14.30        Lunch break
  Session II: Emotional and Cognitive Responses to Art
14.30-15.10   A Cognitive Approach to the Study of the Image of Christ in Renaissance Painting, Lasse Hodne (NTNU, Trondheim)
15.10-15.50   Symmetry in Art and Science, Per Olav Folgerø (University of Bergen)



Emotions in Question: Affective Response to a Work of Art, Dominika Grygarová (National Institute for Mental Health, Prague)

16.30-17.00        Coffee break
  Evening Lecture



Can we measure ways of seeing? Experimental studies on the art historical eye, Raphael Rosenberg (University of Vienna)

18.30      Conference Dinner

Friday, February 27th

Department of Art History, SR1

09.30             Registration desk open
  Session III: Structuring and Mapping Art Historical Data
10.00-10.40 Red - Yellow - Blue: What do the ARTigo color tags say about art historical periods, artists and beholders?, Sabine Scherz (LMU, Munich)



A Georgraphical Information System (GIS) for the Study of the Muqarnas in the Mediterranean Framework during the late Middle Ages, María Marcos Cobaleda (Univerity of Granada)

11.20-11.40        Coffee break
  Session IV: Eye Tracking
11.40-12.20   Peeking into Paradise. Conventions of Viewing a Cranach Painting, Hanna Brinkmann (University of Vienna)
12.20-13.00   Aesthetic Echoes in the Eye? Perceptual Responses to Image Qualities, Laura Commare (University of Vienna)



Blenden und Posen (Artistic Work), Carolin Kallert (Frankfurt)

13.40-15.00        Lunch break / LabVisit
            Session V: The Act of Making Art - Scientific Aspects
15.00-15.40 Videotracking as Instrument for systematic research in the installation Timescape (51° 13.66 north, 6° 46.523 east) from Ursula Damm, Nicole Vennemann (University of Cologne)
15.40-16.20 Myth, History and Memory 2.0 /0.1 (Artistic Work), Tsila Hassine (Shenkar College of Engineering and Desing)


An appraisal of the art-making experience, Ariana van Heerden (Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria)

17.00-17.30 Final discussion and closing of the conference
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